Better Sales Leads in a 360-Degree World

Revana AQ360 allows companies to optimize performance at every step of the customer journey.

Sales and marketing leaders need to figure out how to effectively bridge the gaps between marketing, sales, and customer care in order to deliver a cohesive customer experience that meets and exceeds expectations.

Analysts agree that sales leaders must adapt their organizations to meet the new expectations of today’s digitally-empowered customer. Forward-looking companies are now capitalizing on data to create better engagements with customers through social media and mobile devices. This white paper shows how the best companies are generating better sales leads and achieving higher conversion rates as part of a new model for driving revenue growth. Download today and learn how leading, high-volume sales organizations are enjoying:

  • Better, more qualified leads
  • Increased lead-conversion rates
  • Happier, more engaged, more loyal customers
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