Jorge Chediak

Jorge Chediak

Jorge Chediak

Managing Director

Jorge Chediak serves as Managing Director of Revana Digital, and has been with the agency since March 2014. 

An executive with more than 20 years of progressive Financial/Operational leadership experience, Jorge has worked for MRM, IPG Emerging Media Lab, Disney Internet Group, Warner Bros., and others. A seasoned leader with a high level of integrity and dedication to employees and clients alike, Mr. Chediak operates the agency as an honest and objective partner, believing that every touch-point is deserving of the best attention and insight.

Digital marketing and data analytics has been a passion for Jorge, who understands the importance of combining leading edge technology while keeping an eye for the bottom line. Skilled at bringing order and consistency across multiple disciplines, Jorge brings a unique skill set to his management role driving consistent results for clients.  With curiosity and innovation at the forefront, he leads the development of digital marketing strategies, operations, and client satisfaction. 


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