Microsite and Website Design

Turning Prospects into Customers

Successful microsites and websites are built on the same foundation as successful landing pages. They’re user-centric, focused and relevant, intent on turning prospects into customers. They differ in that the format allows consumers to engage more deeply with your brand, products and services and turn your prospects into customers.

Marketing-Focused Design and Development

Every microsite and website is designed and developed to focus on increasing your ROI, meeting your business objectives and reinforcing your brand’s unique selling proposition. We consider them to be strategic marketing assets that:
  • Engage your prospects during longer conversion cycles and support multiple visits during the process
  • Educate your prospects about your services or product details
  • Act as self-segmentation platforms for users inputting neutral search queries with distinct product offerings
We'll also help you identify competitive opportunities. This includes an analysis of core competitors’ web or microsites landing pages and strategies, identifying industry standards, and uncovering opportunities for differentiation.

Our technical experts review requirements including content management, tracking, back-end platforms, channel integration, hosting, and testing tool requirements.

Analyzing and Speaking to the Consumer Mindset

We use an analytics-driven approach to design. Our process analyzes the consumer mindset at each stage of the purchase funnel and customizes creative assets to answer questions for the various stages. Insights are gleaned from search terms, traffic patterns, conversion and fallout paths and most popular pages.

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Sample of Results

  • A website redesign driven by data and analytics for a travel brand has led to 90% of the advertiser's new business resulting from online sales. This website was recognized by one of the premiere travel industry publications and received an award for its excellence.
  • After a website redesign for a specialty apparel retailer, peak season revenue increased 63% while year-over-year online sales increased 18%.