Video Advertising

Capture a Qualified and Engaged Audience

New forms of video advertising are making the medium an extremely hot element in a direct marketer’s online media mix. With video consumption on the rise across all target audiences, consumers are primed to watch video advertising when the content is interesting and relevant. We have the know-how to capture the audience you want and make video advertising a successful element in your marketing plan.

Integrating the Emotional Power of Sight and Sound

Online video enhances the quality of customer engagement. It enables rich, non-linear interactive storytelling to create an emotional experience static media can’t match. With online video, you can compensate for the lack of bricks-and-mortar “touch and feel” and remove much of the perceived risk associated with online purchasing. It’s a powerful combination of sight and sound that lowers the cost of new customer acquisition, increases onsite conversions and significantly improves your overall marketing ROI.

Drive Actions

Revana Digital will create and implement a video strategy based on your business goals. Whether your objectives are focused on sales or building brand awareness, your online video advertising campaign will be planned using a measurable direct marketing foundation designed to drive action.

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Sample of Results
  • Video advertising drove 140,000+ free clicks to a technology provider's microsite that promoted the brand and offered an intro version of one of its products.