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Your Need

Whether you want to bring potential customers back to your site, stay top of mind in the long-term buyer journey, or bring your most loyal customers back to your site to introduce them to new products, a retargeting campaign can help.

Our Approach

At Revana Digital, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to retargeting. We analyze the pool of potential customers, segment the users, and target the most valuable ones with intelligent and highly personalized messaging.


Proven Track Record

Our analytical and highly personalized approach to retargeting leads to increased conversions and reduced costs. Learn how one YouTube remarketing campaign caused conversions to jump by 10X while decreasing cost per conversion by 87%.

Our Team

Our team appreciates the fact that not every visitor or record in your database is exactly the same. As a result, we specialize in targeting, messaging, and investing in users in different ways.


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Our digital marketing solutions help B2B and B2C companies acquire, retain, and grow profitable customer relationships.


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