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Your Need

Worried that your brand doesn’t have a great social media presence? Looking for a different way to connect with and engage customers and prospects? If so, the Revana Digital Paid Social team can help.

Our Approach

With an approach that’s as personalized as it is complete, our team will create content, images, and video to deliver your message while distributing a consistent and unique brand experience across a variety of social networks.


Proven Track Record

With a proven track record of delivering a message that’s both meaningful and interesting, our team won’t only maintain your social media presence but we’ll help humanize your brand.

Our Team

Whether you’re focused on Facebook or Snapchat, our Paid Social team won’t only get you new followers but we’ll keep your loyal customers coming back time and time again.


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The importance of search and mobile grows every day. Do you have lead generation practices to keep up?

Case Study

Using social media, this retailer tapped into photo enthusiasts to increase revenue by nearly 200 percent

Case Study

YouTube remarketing campaign increases conversions and reduces costs for online retailer

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Our digital marketing solutions help B2B and B2C companies acquire, retain, and grow profitable customer relationships.


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