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Local Advertising

Your Need

As on-the-go searches and competition in the SERPs continue to grow, a local strategy is crucial. If you’re a business with physical locations interested in connecting with users who are nearby and searching for your services, we can help.

Our Approach

Our multi-pronged approach to local search includes creating localized content, optimizing websites and landing pages, ensuring your business info is correct across all major local directories, and building authority for your business.


Proven Track Record

We’ve increased local visits for clients of all sizes, with some experiencing high double-digit increases in traffic and revenue year over year. Learn how our geographic-based marketing helped one client earn a 345% increase in volume.

Our Team

With a team comprised of SEO and PPC experts, Revana Digital’s local search team can help connect your business with qualified local users both organically and through paid ads.


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Case Study

Digital demand generation, sales/marketing analytics, and location targeting = 345% increase in volume


Learn best practices for determining and obtaining budget for technology, content, and media


Revana AQ360SM allows companies to optimize performance at every step of the customer journey

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