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Our digital marketing and sales solutions are designed to help leading B2B and B2C companies acquire, retain, and grow profitable customer relationships.

Untapped potential is all around us, hidden in every digital step customers take.

At Revana Digital, we live to make sure you can see that potential and take advantage of it to build the kind of relationships that drive results. By uniting data across company platforms and applying our proprietary analytics and sales capabilities, our team is revolutionizing digital marketing. Revana Digital delivers the kind of insights that help you understand who your customers are and what they really want at the moments that matter most. It’s our way of helping you build deeper customer relationships and making sure you're an integral part of their journey from the first click through the last.

Revana AQ360SM wins Gold Stevie® Award
for Best New Marketing Solution


Our digital marketing and sales solutions are designed to help leading B2B and B2C companies acquire, retain, and grow profitable customer relationships.

Digital Media

Media and advertising are growing in complexity each and every day. From new social media platforms and wearable devices to mobile payment platforms and even connected cars, there are more ways than ever to reach your customers in your customers' channels of choice. We can help you craft the perfect strategy for your company, and will manage it from the first click to the start of a profitable relationship. Our media and advertising services include search engine marketing (SEM), mobile, display, email marketing, social advertising, and comparison shopping.

Media and Advertising In Action

See how our media and advertising solutions helped the American Management Association lower cost-per-acquisition by 25%.

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Organic Optimization

Customers no longer have just one or two brands to choose between. Rather, they have a seemingly endless number of companies with which to forge relationships. To stand out from the pack, companies need to focus on increasing their visibility – whether it’s through search engine optimization (SEO), social marketing, or content promotion. We can help you craft the perfect organic optimization strategy to improve your website's authority, gain awareness, and ultimately drive conversions.

Organic Optimization In Action

Discover how our organic optimization solutions helped Uncle Bob's Self Storage improve its SEO ranking by 450%.

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User Experience

The user experience is a critical component of digital marketing. Our user experience solutions are designed to help companies drive results by optimizing the performance of landing pages and microsites. By leveraging your customers’ unique data points through website analytics, we are able to create engaging and memorable user experiences, across platforms. We continuously monitor the performance of each campaign so that we can make incremental adjustments that maximize conversions and ROI.

User Experience In Action

Uncover how our user experience solutions helped Progrexion increase sales from its mobile campaigns by 221%.

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Revana AQ360SM

When marketing and sales organizations operate in silos, it can be harmful to both sides. Unless these efforts are aligned, both groups will struggle to reach their revenue goals. Revana AQ360 calls upon our proprietary DSMM AdvantageTM technology to connect the contextual data from a customer’s online interactions to the routing/scripting and sales conversion process. It then brings the sales data back to the online marketing team to improve optimization. So whether you are a marketing or sales professional, it will provide you with the 360-degree view you need to create personalized customer plans that lead to higher sales conversion rates and optimized marketing ROI that delivers superior results.

Revana AQ360 In Action

Learn how Revana AQ360 helped a leading telecom company increase qualified sales leads 66%, and more than double conversion rates.

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